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Petroleum sector

Used machines and equipments

The petroleum sector plays a vital role in the global energy landscape, encompassing exploration, extraction, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. Technofab Metal is well-equipped to cater to the specific needs of the petroleum sector, offering a range of specialized services and solutions.

Uses of Petroleum Sector

Exploration and Production

The process begins with exploration activities to locate oil and gas reserves beneath the Earth’s surface. Once identified, drilling operations are conducted to extract petroleum from the reservoirs.

Refining and Processing

Crude oil extracted from the ground is transported to refineries for processing. Refineries employ various techniques such as distillation, cracking, and chemical reactions to separate and convert crude oil into different petroleum products.

Distribution and Transportation

Once petroleum products are refined, they are transported via pipelines, tankers, trucks, and railways to distribution centers, terminals, and retail outlets. Distribution networks ensure the availability of petroleum products to consumers and industries across the globe.

How It Works?


Petroleum companies conduct geological surveys and use advanced technologies like seismic imaging to identify potential oil and gas reserves beneath the Earth's surface.


Once an oil or gas reservoir is discovered, production operations begin. This involves drilling wells into the reservoir and using various extraction techniques to bring the petroleum to the surface.


Extracted petroleum is transported from the production site to refineries or processing facilities. This is typically done through pipelines, tanker ships, railroads, or trucks.


At the refinery, crude oil undergoes a refining process to convert it into different petroleum products. This refining process involves distillation, where crude oil is heated to separate it into various fractions based on their boiling points.